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Digital Narrative Games


This is the game link

I really liked playing this game as it really put me in the shoes of someone who has to pay all of these expenses.Also i felt that how this world is all about money and that was really so disappointing to me. It made me realize and learn that every action has a reaction, whether bad or good. I think the game could be improved by decreasing the amount of days as by the end i started getting bored.

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route

This is the game link

playing this game made me so sad actually. The fact that Syrians have to choose between two options to decide their destiny is so devastating. The two options available come at cost, none fulfills a Syrians’s wishes. I learned how really Syrian refugees have suffered and are still suffering, and i actually didn’t no that it could reach to that extent of suffering. one improvement that could be made in this game is to have more visuals than words as i felt it wasn’t so appealing.

Sleep-deprived Mom Game

This is the game link

playing this game made me understand how the life of a mom is so hard and challenging. I like how the game made me experience this life and understand the sufferings of a mom. I learned to not to take our moms for granted and to appreciate them. I don’t think there are improvements that could be made in the game, but the design of the game would be better if it wasn’t on google docs.

Depression Quest

This is the game link

I felt like this game gave me an insight of how a life of being depressed looks like. It made me learn that i have to think twice before saying anything to people as we really don’t know what’s going on in their lives. I also really liked how it gave me an outlook on depression. One improvement that could be made is to lessen the wordings as there was too much reading that made the game not very enjoyable.

Second-Hand Depression

This is the game link

This game made me feel and understand how I could deal in certain situations if i’m in contact with someone who has depression. Also it made me understand what i might expect if i’m in a relationship with someone depressed or even in contact with a depressed person, and how to protect my own mental health from the negativity around me. This game could be improved if there were like for example more visuals like a video for example to make it more interesting.

A Mother’s Dilemma

This is the game link

I actually liked playing this game as it was so informative and I felt like bullying is something that we need to spread more awareness about. I learned how the role of parents in a child’s life affects him drastically. If parents are there for the child, any problems he’ll face will be solved with his parents’ assistance. Also, a mother has a huge role in solving these bullying problems before they mentally affect her child. I can’t think of any improvements that could be made in this game, I felt there was not a lot of wordings, it was to the point, there were visuals, and it was interesting.

1.Sleep-deprived Mom Game1.SPENT1.Depression Quest
2.A Mother’s Dilemma2.Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route2.Second-Hand Depression
These two games showed how big of a role parents’ and specifically mothers have in their child’s life. As a newborn, the child needs so much attention which causes the parents, especially the mother, to be come sleep deprived. Growing up, the child enters school where he could be subjected to bullying. In this case, the parents need to step up and take actions to help out their child. SPENT and Syrian Journey both have something in common, and this is decision taking. In both games, a decision taken effects the other drastically and comes with a cost.These two games give an insight and an outlook of how a person who has depression lives, and how the person interacting with the depressed person lives. They show the two sides of the story and how the two think and act.

If I would create my own “narrative” game, I would like it to be something that would leave a positive impact on the player, like for instance helping the poor and offering them services for example.

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